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HIFU Skin Clinics - Australia

Non-Surgical Face Lifts, Skin Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting

Skin Tightening - Skin Resurfacing - Body Contouring - Fat Cavitation

Our Story

We LOVE helping others to feel good in their own skin, NATURALLY!

Our History

Our original Natural Beauty, Spa & Wellness Sanctuary was established in the Great Souther Regional Centre of Narrogin in 2011, which later evolved into our current Holistic MediSpa business model. We opened our first Holistic MediSpa Skin Clinic in 2017 in the Perth Eastern Hills and subsequently, our Perth City Clinic in early 2018.(since relocated). Our Melville and Inner West Clinics followed in February 2019, closely followed by our South West Clinic in May 2019. We are launching our regular Mandurah/Peel and Mt Lawley Clinics in September 2019.

With an extensive background in the Natural Beauty, Health and Wellness Industries spanning nearly 20 years, Owner and Consultant Holistic Skin Therapist Eileen Lloyd, also has a wealth of experience from other Human Services within the Private, NGO and Government Sectors, including Education and Community Services.  

Having undertaken Tertiary Studies in Psychology, Holistic Counselling and Therapeutic Crisis Interventions, in addition to various Natural Therapy Modalities (including Natural Beauty Therapy, Massage, Energetic Healing and Aromatherapy), her broad professional skillset, corporate experience and eclectic personal interests bring a unique dimension to the business.  

Every endeavour is made to foster a tailored approach which is genuinely holistic, comprehensive and caring in nature, with an exceptional level of Professionalism and truly personalised Customer Service.

What We Do

Embracing all things Natural, which promote Holistic Health, Healing and Beauty, our Holistic MediSpa Skin Clinics are focused on providing a unique, high quality, boutique service, which addresses all your prevailing skincare concerns in addition to supporting your overall health and wellbeing.

Providing a truly unique link between the Natural Beauty Therapy , MediSpa and Wellness Industries, every Client who attends our Clinics is subjected to an indulgent pampering and nurturing experience, regardless of their service requirements, whilst enjoying the INSTANT and DRAMATIC visible results that our Medical Grade Technology provides.

Clients are considered on an individual basis and as a "whole" person, where the harmonious interrelationship between Mind, Body, Soul and Skin, are regarded pivotal in maintaining good health, vitality and youthful complexion. Chronic imbalance within AND between these elements can result in emotional and physical stress on the body and ultimately illness, premature aging and disease.

We endeavour to address the cause of your prevailing concerns, not just the symptoms, thereby enhancing the overall treatment experience and the desired outcomes for your skin and self-esteem.

Our Objectives

Working within a Corneotherapy framework, with a clear emphasis on harm minimisation and obtaining real AND lasting results, only the most effective, Non-Invasive Medical Grade Procedures are employed, in conjunction with highly active Superceutical Treatments and Products, which are completely Natural and Organic wherever possible.

All treatments are customised to your individual needs and budget, incorporating a fusion of Spa Rituals, Natural Therapies and Healing Philosophies, in conjunction with safe and effective Natural Beauty & MediSpa Practises. Together they embrace ancient eastern wisdoms, more contemporary western traditions and modern skincare science, culminating in immediate, dramatic and lasting results.

As standard practise, we also provide ongoing nutritional and healthy lifestyle education, in conjunction with home skincare support throughout your journey with us, to further enhance your skincare and wellness regime.

Our Service Model

In addition to operating eight Holistic MediSpa Skin Clinics throughout Western Australia, we also provide regular Mobile HIFU Clinic & Consultation Services throughout Perth and Regional Western Australia and other States upon request, in collaboration with other suitable Beauty Salons, Skin Clinics, Spas, Medical Centres, Wellness Centres and Allied Health Practises. 

For other Salon, Spa or Clinic Owners who are genuinely interested in investing in HIFU technology or on-boarding a revolutionary range of Holistic Skincare for their own businesses, we can facilitate Authorised Sales Consultation, Training and ongoing Support, in collaboration with the National R&D and Distributorship Team.